Lyric Opera of Kansas City


"This show was marvelously cast, all fine actors and impressive singers. -- Arthur Woodley (Bartolo) and Margaret Gawrysiak (Marcellina) were well suited with distinctive patter"

–  Kansas City Star, November 6, 2016

Wolf Trap Opera

The Rake’s Progress

“Mezzo-soprano Margaret Gawrysiak, as Mother Goose and Baba the Turk, had a hilariously raucous tone and scenery-chewing antics that nearly stole the show”
– The Washington Post, August 5, 2012

“In “The Rake’s Progress,” the opera ain’t over ’til the bearded lady sings. That’s Baba the Turk, the needy, demanding, facially hairy circus star Tom marries just to thumb his nose at the world…Margaret Gawrysiak brings a plummy mezzo and abundant comic exuberance to the role, and also taps into character’s warmer side in the last act.”
– The Baltimore Sun, August 7, 2012

Virginia Opera

Hansel and Gretel

“At the top of the singers’ pyramid in this production, however, was mezzo Margaret Gawrysiak, cast in the dual roles of the not-so-wicked actual Mom as well as that wicked old witch in the second act. We’ve seen Ms. Gawrysiak in area productions before, including her performance as a convincing Mrs. Lovett in this summer’s Wolf Trap Opera performance of Sweeney Todd. She’s got a powerful voice, great acting chops, and is unafraid of physical comedy as well—all of which are significant assets in this opera. Her performance, particularly as the witch, galvanizes everyone into action in this production, which is an added plus—not to mention that she lends a virtual grand opera presence to the performance.”
– The Washington Times, December 12, 2011